Standard support Silver upgrade Gold upgrade
24/7 Network Operations Center
Self service reboot
Email support
Live chat support
Phone support
Support hours Working hours (9-17 CET) 24/7 24/7
Response time Best Effort 2 hours during office hours/8 hours outside office hours 1 hour during office hours/8 hours outside office hours
Monitoring and uptime reporting Basic Checks
Check frequency every 3 minutes Check frequency every 1 minute
Email and/or SMS notifications
Smart Hands (?) €20 per 15 minutes 30 minutes/month 60 minutes/month
Load balancing No support Implementation, monitoring and support for HTTP(S) load balancing Extended support for load balancing including off-site DR (Disaster Recovery) and quarterly DR simulation exercises
Availability No guarantee 99.95% server uptime guarantee 99.99% server uptime guarantee
For every verified hour that your VM(s) are unreachable outside the guaranteed availability rate, you will be eligible for a credit to the value of 1 day of fees for the affected VM(s), up to a maximum of 50% of the total monthly cost of the VM(s) per incident.
Support plans cover all VMs and services under your Myvm account.
€0.00 per month excl. VAT €95.00 per month excl. VAT €150.00 per month excl. VAT
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