Managed Services



Extended Validation SSL certificates provide the ultimate level of trust for websites handling sensitive customer data. Particularly suitable for e-commerce sites.
Free installation including optimising the Web server configuration for maximum secutity (A+).
Available with 1 or 2 year validity periods.

This option requires an existing VM. Order a VM

Software Stack

€ 29.90

Step 1 Fill in the our Software Stack Installation Request form and select the software you would like us to install on your VM.
Step 2 We install the software including any dependencies and optimise the configuration for maximum performance and security.
Step 3 Congratulations, you just saved yourself a lot of time and trouble.

This option requires an existing VM. Order a VM


€ On request

  • 7 or 30 day snapshots of your filesystem and databases, enabling you to restore any data that is accidentally or maliciously modified or deleted.
  • Off-site replication of your entire VM to a completely independent datacenter.
  • Support for planning, documenting and testing a disaster recovery plan for use in the very unlikely event of a complete outage at the primary datacenter location.