Location Provider
Netherlands 1
Primary location
Amsterdam Westpoort GYRO Center DC2
Netherlands 2 Amsterdam Overamstel euNetworks
USA 1 Chicago IL Steadfast Networks
USA 2 Dallas TX Cyrus One
Australia Sydney NSW Equinix SY4

We lease rackspace in carefully selected datacenters with strict redundancy, security and operational criteria. The criteria are standardised and documented, and we have personally toured each facility we use, so we can certify that all our locations meet or exceed our minimum standards.

The backbone of our network runs on 10Gbps Ethernet. We use either Netgear 10Gbps RJ45 smart switches or Ubiquiti 10Gbps SFP+ switches. All switches are configured in redundant pairs, and we use the Linux ethernet bonding driver to create redundant connections from each server to two independent switches. We physically test redundancy prior to go-live by unplugging individual Ethernet cables, power cables and even entire switches to make sure it really works!

To monitor and secure our networks we use the open source pfSense firewall, either on white label hardware or the excellent Netgate XG-7100 appliances.

Now that the infrastructure has been laid out, we can finally connect up our servers which power our entire operation.

By carefully selecting new hardware models and following predefined hardware lifecycle policies we ensure our equipment is always up to date and reliable. After 3 years of service we stop actively deploying new virtual machines on the server. At 4 years old we actively migrate any VMs that are still running to newer hardware. At 5 years old, it's time to retire and securely dispose of the old hardware.

We use off the shelf white label hardware but almost all our kit is built on Supermicro 1U systems. We have two standard spec builds, one "Standard" and one "Fast" configuration (spec as of January 2019).

  Standard Fast
CPU Intel Xeon E3-1220 v6 4-Core 3.0GHz Intel Xeon E3-1270 v6 4-Core 3.8GHz
Storage 4 x 2 TB SATA III 3,5" 7.2k RPM 128MB cache 4 x 500GB SATA III 2.5" SSD
RAM 64 GB (4x 16GB) ECC DDR4 2400 RAM 2 Rank
WAN network 2 x 1Gbps redundant RJ-45 via on-board controller
LAN network 2 x 10Gbps redundant via Intel 10 Gigabit X710-DA2 SFP+
Power supply 2 x 400W redundant > 94% efficiency
Management Remote iKVM with Virtual Media

Once our physical hardware is racked and cabled, we install our software stack, comprising:

  • CentOS Linux
  • The open source Xen hypervisor
  • Linux RAID
  • Encrypted LVM Volume Group for storing Xen images using dm-crypt and LUKS
  • Distinct redundant WAN and LAN network bridges using bridgeutils and the Linux ethernet bonding driver
  • A handful of off the shelf and bespoke in-house Nagios monitoring scripts to monitor all the important server health and load metrics
  • Bespoke backup system

We then provision Xen virtual machines to power all our service offerings and customer environments. A sample of what we run on our Xen VMs includes:

  • Web servers: Apache, nginx, haproxy
  • Web application servers: Tomcat, golang, PHP, Node.JS, etc
  • Database servers: MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, flavours of NoSQL
  • Email servers: Postfix, Exim, Dovecot, RoundCube
  • Email filtering appliances: SpamTitan, spamassassin/clamav
  • DNS servers: BIND
  • Monitoring software: Nagios
  • Version control and CI: GitLab
  • Shared hosting and reseller LAMP stack servers: DirectAdmin and VirtualMin
  • Enterprise email servers: Kerio Connect, Axigen, CommuniGate Pro
  • File sharing/Cloud file storage: ownCloud

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